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Our Company
The Vision:

We saw a problem with today's modern, on-the-go E-mail: How do we get ALL of our E-mail? Get our E-mail from work, from home, from AOL, and MSN? And get our E-mail from anywhere on ANY E-mail enabled device?

That's quite an order, requiring a lot of great technology, and some smart business management to turn it into a real product and service you can buy and use!

Gopher King is the right product at the right time:

We're proud to say we did it. We turned our vision into a real product! Gopher King, the total E-mail service that gives you access to ALL your E-mails anywhere, anytime, on any device, quickly and easily with one intuitive interface that works on just about anything, from Windows XP, Linux, to Pocket PC, Palm Pilots, whatever!

With Gopher King we made sure you've got what WE wanted:

Our Direction:
In conclusion, we are an exciting, young start-up company, with a great, useful product that is easy to purchase, and requires very little in the way of staffing, and infrastructure. To take our vision to the next level we are interested in partnerships and new investment opportunities. Please contact us for details.

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